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Top 10 countries where tennis is most played in World

Tennis world popularity

Popular countries in soccer are Brazil and Belgium, and Australia in cricket. Japan is on top of baseball. But which countries are more famous in terms of tennis? We are here to introduce you to countries where tennis is the most popular sport.

According to history, France is the inventor of this game, and England is the nurturer. The game of tennis has been played internationally since the middle of the 20th century. If we take a look at the regional popularity, the first leading country we see in Australia.

England is the origin country of modern tennis. British Army Officer Walter Clopton Wingfield is the founder of modern lawn tennis. He was one of the persons experimenting with lawn tennis in the late 1860s. He also formed the regulations of lawn tennis, and now the game is played according to his rules.


  1. Australia

Australia is the country where tennis is the most popular and most played game of all. Australia became an active tennis country in 1950. Australian men won the Davis Cup fifteen times from 1950 to 1967. (Source: Wikipedia)

Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year, takes place in Australia every January of the year. The next Australia will begin in February 2021.

In Australia, tennis is the mostly played and the regional popularity is 100 percent.

Annonces tennis Australie


  1. France

France is the origin country of tennis. Since the 19th century, French people have begun to play this game. That time they used their hands to hit the tennis ball, and later it was gloves. After that, people have started using racquets to hit the tennis ball.

The second Grand Slam tournament is the French Open, held in France in May-June each year. The locals in French call it ‘Roland-Garros.’

France is the second tennis playing country with a percentage of 71.


  1. New Zealand

Tennis in New Zealand started in 1870. According to a survey, the popularity of tennis in New Zealand is about 70 percent. Tennis New Zealand is the oldest association, according to Wikipedia. Also, Oceania Tennis Federation was founded by the TNZ.

Rubin Statham, Michel Venus, Marcus Daniell, Valentina Ivanov, Mary Hourigan, and others are famous tennis professionals in New Zealand.

NZ’s regional popularity of tennis is about 70 percent.

Annonces tennis Nouvelle Zélande


  1. Switzerland

Swiss International Tennis tournament (a.k.a Swiss Open) is a tournament. It takes place in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Roger Federer, the no.1 wealthy athlete, according to Forbes, is a Swiss tennis champion. He won a total of 20 Grand Slam championships in men’s singles tennis. Swiss Indoor Basel is a men’s tennis tournament held in Switzerland, and the gameplay takes place on indoor hard courts. There are seven subcategories of Swiss tennis as well. Swiss tennis is the 4th tennis playing country and popularity percentage is 69.

Annonces de joueurs de tennis Suisse


  1. United Kingdom

Tennis got internationally recognized after coming to England. Modern tennis mainly originated in England in the 19th century. Henry VIII, the young monarch of England, used to play lawn tennis. He had made a unique contribution to the advancement of real tennis.

The United Kingdom is the 5th country where tennis is the most popular sport. And the regional popularity is 63%.

Annonces joueurs de tennis Angleterre / tennis partners England


  1. Belgium

According to history, Belgium was one of the earliest tennis countries. In 1904, Belgium entered the Davis Cup along with France and England. Although their debut was successful, they couldn’t last till the end of the Davis Cup.

Kim Clijsters, Justin Henin, David Goffin, Olivier Rochus, and others are well-known tennis stars in Belgium. Almost 57% people’s choice among all sports is tennis.

Annonces tennis Belgique


  1. Singapore

The WTA Finals is one of the largest tennis tournaments that takes place in Singapore. This women’s tennis tournament started in 1972.

Singapore is the largest hoster of women’s indoor tennis. As a result, the engagement of people in this game increased rapidly in Singapore. Stefanie Tan, Daniel Heryanto, Rheeya Doshi, and others are some renowned tennis players in Singapore. It has ranked 7th and the popularity rate is 56%.

Annonces tennis Singapour classifieds


  1. United States

According to Wikipedia, tennis was first played in the US in 1881 after the National Lawn Tennis Association was founded.

The US Open was the first major championship in the US. The first woman who won the US Open singles championship is Althea Gibson.

US has the same popularity rate as Singapore.


  1. Philippine

The only Asian country which has won about three gold medals in Asian games in tennis is the Philippines. And the popularity of tennis among Filipinos is more than in any other Asian country. The Philippine Tennis League organizes various competitions of tennis for amateurs and professionals. Philippine has the popularity rate of 51%.

Tennis partners Philippine Classifieds


  1. Italy

Italy is another tennis-playing country placed 9th at ATP ranked countries. Italian Open or Italian International Championship is a tennis tournament in Italy that takes place every year in its capital city, Rome. Fabio Fognini, Matteo Berrettini, Jannik Sinner, Sara Errani, Macro Cecchinato, and others are the famous tennis players in Italy. 51% of people adore this game as a source of entertainment.


There are some other countries where tennis is the most played.

Some of them are Madagascar, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Cameroon, Laos, Macedonia, etc.

Tennis is an Olympic game, and people of all ages can play this game. In some countries of Asia, table tennis is more popular than lawn tennis. Some Asians adore table tennis so much that they play indoor table tennis.

Tennis is not only a game of enjoyment, it helps the players to build up a fit and healthy body. There are so many health benefits of playing tennis. So everybody should play this game.

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